Can I order something early or place a hold?

To keep the purchasing process as fair as possible, there is no pre-ordering or holding of a product.

Do you do custom orders?

No, I do not take custom orders.

Do you sell out right away?

Usually pieces sell very fast. For the best chance, make an account, save your shipping information on my site, and use the faster checkout options (Apple Pay, Paypal). You can save a link from the previews and refresh it right at the release time(it may take a few seconds to load since everything is getting loaded all at once). If you are hoping for multiple items, purchase them one at a time. I always combine multiple orders and refund any shipping difference. Unfortunately, having an item in your cart does not guarantee that you will be able to check out, as purchases are first come first serve.

How can I order your work?

I release my work in collections. To stay up to date sign up for my newsletter and keep an eye on my Instagram bio.

How many of each design do you make?

I actively work on my collections until very close to the release date so it is difficult for me to answer this question. There will be multiples of some, but most will be one-of-a-kind. The quantities will also be listed in the collection preview, which happens shortly before release. 

There are no products in the shop? How do I buy your work?

If there is nothing currently in the shop, it means I am sold out for now, but don't worry I'm always making new work. To stay up to date on releases sign up for my newsletter and keep an eye on my Instagram bio.

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping is calculated dynamically at checkout and includes a delivery estimate and tracking number. The customer is responsible for any additional duties charged on incoming products.

What are your prices?

Each piece is unique so there are no set prices. Before a collection launch, there will be previews available in the shop, at this time you will be able to browse available pieces and see item pricing. 

What countries do you ship to?

I ship worldwide, although prices and delivery time will be higher outside of North America.

Will you restock any designs I missed out on?

Each piece is unique, unfortunately once an item is sold out it will not be restocked.

Refund Policy

No refunds or exchanges. If ceramics are damaged in transit please let me know, store credit will be available on a case-by-case basis.

My question isn't listed, what is the best way to contact you?

For any other questions, please do not message me on Instagram, instead, email me at emilienunezart@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Are your pieces food safe?

If a piece is listed as food-safe, it has been created using food-safe materials. This includes the glaze, clay, paint, and toner (in the case of a printed ceramic piece).

Ceramic prints are created using toner that contains Cadmium sulfoselenide. This toner is then covered with a lamination coat and a food-safe glaze. More information on cadmium sulfoselenide can be found below:

The level of cadmium solubility is tightly controlled to ensure compliance with: Council of Europe Resolution AP (89) 1 Food Contact Limits; USA TCLP Waste Leaching Limits; Safety of Toys Directive 88/378/EEC (EN71: Part 3 relates to finished toy compliance).  Cadmium pigments are registered as non-hazardous substances under REACH in 2013 and are regulated under Annex XVII of the REACH legislation (1907/2006)